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Ellen Bonte’s songs mirror a wandering soul. The musician finds melodies while travelling and plays abroad as well as throughout her native country : alternative music festivals, Berlin’s cafés, German scenes and jam sessions.

On the boards

In 2009, she composes integrally the music for a theatre production, Jack and Jill by Jane Martin, which she then plays live during the performances in Münster and Dortmund.

Simplicity, subtlety, optimism

For Ellen Bonte, the narrative moment unfolds in the symbiosis of guitar, voice and words. And there it is. A remarkable pen, at the same time simple and the total opposite of simplification. A beautiful sonorous voice whose colour varies within a trilingual register. Intimate, tinged with humour, her music displays the absurdities of today in a subtle way and a claimed naivety. Her everlasting credo : the state of the contemporary world doesn’t offer us the luxury of being pessimistic.

Élisabeth Chevillet